The Love Soul Choir Audition Process 💯

April 10th, 2023

To be a member of Love Soul Choir, each applicant must go through our audition process. We know that the thought of auditioning for a choir can be scary so today we wanted to share a bit more about our audition process and why we think it’s important.

Why do we have an audition process? 🤷

It might seem obvious, but the main reason we have an audition process is to ensure that the quality of Love Soul Choir remains high. But, don’t let that put you off auditioning. We’re not looking for the next Mariah Carey or Bruno Mars!

We take great pride in putting on high quality performances time after time. One of the ways that we do this is by ensuring that every member of the choir has been through our audition process before they’re able to join. There are no exceptions to this rule and every single member of the choir (whether they’ve been a member for eight weeks or eight years) has been through this process.

Additionally, the way that Love Soul Choir performs is different to most other choirs too. Members perform without any form of conductor or musical director on stage. Our Choir Leader, Dan, feels that any performance should all be about the choir. He wants each performance to feel like a show. For that reason, it’s really important that members are confident in being able to perform without being led. Inviting potential members to an audition gives Dan an idea of whether someone might be comfortable or able to perform in this way. 

How does the audition process work? 🎙️

Auditions can really nerve wracking. That said, Dan does his best to ensure that Love Soul Choir auditions are as supportive and comfortable as possible. If you book an audition with us, you can rest assured that our auditions are nothing like the X Factor and that we’re not here to criticise you!

At your audition, you’ll be asked to do three things;

First, Dan will ask you to sing a verse and a chorus of a song a cappella (without music). You can sing whatever you like, but make sure you feel comfortable with your song choice and know it well. We love meeting people who have clearly prepared for their audition!

Next up, you’ll need to perform a short section of choreography. Before your audition, we’ll send you a dance video to learn so that you can perform it in the audition. Don’t stress, we’re not looking for perfection! We just want to see what you can do and to make sure that you’ll be able to follow along with the style of choreography we learn at sessions.

Finally, we want to get to know you better. Vocal and movement are important, but we place enormous importance on protecting the culture of the choir. Dan will ask you a few questions and have an informal chat so we can see whether you’re a good fit for Love Soul Choir.

Nerves are totally normal. The whole process is short and it could end up being one of the best things you’ll ever do. Being a member of Love Soul Choir can be life changing and in our opinion, totally worth the nerves.

Our top tips for auditioning! 👀

  1. Choose a song you know really well.
  2. Spend time learning the choreography video properly.
  3. Don’t overlook the importance of the questions at the end of your audition. We’re looking for friendly people who want to work as part of a powerful and supportive team! 💜


If you’d like to apply for an audition with Love Soul Choir, please visit the audition page on our website. Once you’ve sent your application to us, we’ll be in touch within a couple of days to schedule the time and place of your audition.


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