The Story of Our Choir

Take a look at the journey so far…

The story of Love Soul Choir

Love Soul Choir was formed back in 2008. The journey started in Southampton where we wanted to launch a new, fresh and unique choir experience.

Since launching the choir, we have had a positive impact on a huge number of individuals from all across the Southampton and Bournemouth areas.

We love all singers

Over the years, we have met all sorts of singers. We’ve worked with professional singers, amateur singers and individuals who have never sung a note in public before. This is why Love Soul Choir is so special. All of our members have one thing in common and that is a love for singing and performing.

We love to watch our members grow in to confident and competent singers. We’ve even seen some take the leap in to the world of performing in public, alone.

Love Soul Choir is a team. One team with one goal. To perform together and to love it along the way.

From Humble Beginnings

October 2008

The idea was born. We noticed a gap in the Southampton choir scene. We had a burning desire to pull talented singers across the south coast together. This is where the journey started.

March 2009

Our first rehearsal in Southampton was at a restaurant called ‘NV’ and the first song learnt was ‘Higher & Higher’, originally by Jackie Wilson.

In between our rehearsals, we worked hard on learning songs, performing regularly and growing our choir to become the biggest pop & soul choir in Southampton. To really focus on the sound, we limited the choir to 70 members. This made Love Soul Choir completely exclusive. We also became the choir of choice for Black History Month in Southampton, performing every year in different locations.

August 2010

Our TV work started to grow, and we qualified for the live shows on Channel 5’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’. We were also asked by Gareth Malone to feature in his BBC documentary, ‘The Big Sing’.

August 2011

We opened a choir in Bournemouth. We held our initial auditions and got to meet some amazing singers. We started our work towards public, live performances.

January 2012

We started learning songs specifically for our theatre performances and also performed at external events more regularly.

March 2013

We were asked to be Susan Boyle’s backing choir for the Bournemouth leg of her UK tour. This was a great opportunity as our members got to perform a number of songs with Susan Boyle including her rendition of ‘I Dreamed A Dream’.

December 2014

We worked on a rebrand and had strong goals for 2015. We performed more than before and had a record number of wedding performances in 2015.

December 2015

We released our recording of ‘Like A Prayer’ as a free download.

April 2016

We performed at the first ever ‘One Sound’ choir collaboration show along with our friends at ‘SingForce’ and ‘Sing Now Choir’.

March 2017

We were part of a flashmob in Westquay shopping centre which went viral. Along with SingForce and Sing Now Choir, the video reached over 700,000 views!

December 2017

2017 has been our busiest year ever. We’ve performed more than before at all sorts of different events and have had a blast along the way.


The future is bright for Love Soul Choir. We’re looking forward to performing out and about as much as possible, as well as holding a joint performance between our Southampton and Bournemouth choirs in December.

The best way to predict the future is to create it.

~ Dr. Forrest C. Shaklee