Sing it. Live it. Love it.

Based in Southampton & Bournemouth, UK.

We’re changing the meaning of the word ‘choir’.

Love Soul Choir is an auditioned pop and soul group for over 18’s.

With sessions taking place every Monday evening (in Southampton) and Tuesday evening (in Bournemouth), we learn unique and contemporary arrangements of popular songs ready to perform regularly at weddings, events and our very own theatre shows across the year.

Intricate harmonies, the occasional lead vocal and great song choices leave our audiences speechless time after time. With a group of talented and passionate individuals, we create a sound and put on a show like no other.

Our Members Area and Facebook Group allow our choir members to access everything they need…

Members Area

Love Soul Choir members get access to the Members Area here on our website. It’s where they can listen to our song arrangements, look at the movement guides, our performance calendar and more – everything you need all in one place!

Facebook Group

We also have a thriving Facebook Group which allows members to connect with each other. We don’t just talk about singing! Members regularly connect over shared interests or bespoke content designed to start conversations. It’s the perfect place to cultivate and build great connections with fellow members.


Jack McKinlay-Lloyd

One of the best things about being part of Love Soul Choir are the opportunities.


Holly Edwards

Love Soul is the ultimate escapism. It’s impossible not to come away buzzing!


Carol Ribas de Oliveira

It’s transformed Mondays into the best day of the week for me!


Andrina Hayden

It’s a place where you can feel safe to just be yourself and sing and dance your heart out.