Our 2023 Solo Performance Night 🎙️

July 12th, 2023

At Love Soul Choir, we’re all about giving our members opportunities to step outside of their comfort zones. Our Solo Performance Night is just one of the ways we do this. 

What is Solo Performance Night?

Our Solo Performance Night gives members the chance to perform to each other as soloists or as part of a duo or small group. It happens once a year and has become a staple in the Love Soul Choir calendar. Earlier this month, we headed to Hanger Farm Arts Centre in Southampton for this year’s event and we had a blast! 

The evening consists of 20 performances. Each member or group takes to the stage to perform a song one by one. Members don’t know who is performing and what songs are being performed until the evening. This always makes for some amazing surprises! 🤩

Why we do we love it?

Firstly, it’s a great opportunity for our members to build confidence performing without the support of the rest of the choir around them. We love that the Solo Performance Night creates a safe space for members to take steps outside of their comfort zone to try performing alone, potentially for the first time.

We also love the huge variety of music that the evening brings. Our members are united by their love of music but we know that favourite artists and genres vary hugely! This year, we had ‘Viva Forever’ by the Spice Girls, ‘How Will I Know’ by Whitney Houston, ‘Cryin’ by Aerosmith’ and ‘Let It Go’ from the film Frozen, to name just a few. It’s always great to see our members sharing songs they love to sing with their fellow members. 

Finally, the Solo Performance Night is always incredibly positive and uplifting. Year after year, it’s fantastic to see our members wholeheartedly supporting one another and wanting each other to do well. After all, that’s what Love Soul Choir (and group singing) is all about.

If you’d like to apply for an audition with Love Soul Choir, please visit the audition page on our website. Once you’ve sent your application to us, we’ll be in touch within a couple of days to schedule the time and place of your audition.


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