The hardest thing has been choir stopping ✋

June 18th, 2020

One of the hardest things for me about lockdown has been the stoppage of our normal choir sessions. 

Our weekly rehearsals are a huge part of my life and hugely important for me to maintain good mental health and general wellbeing. I was getting ready to leave for choir when Boris made his announcement, “now is the time for everyone to stop non-essential contact with others and to stop all unnecessary travel”. That obviously meant no choir – no matter how essential Love Soul Choir is for me. 

Devastated does not even begin to cover it!

Dan (our choir leader) has worked tirelessly (and gone above and beyond) to provide online content for us, which has been really appreciated and kept us going through these very difficult times. But, I miss seeing people and hearing our voices blend in Love Soul Choir’s amazing harmonies; an experience you cannot replicate sitting alone at a computer screen.

As lockdown starts to gradually ease and we are allowed to now meet in groups of up to six in an external space, a few Salisbury based Love Soul Choir members started to explore the idea of finally getting together…

… I hosted a garden get together, attended by five enthusiastic – if slightly stir-crazy – singers!

To abide by social distancing rules, entry was through the side gate and chairs were arranged 2m apart around the lawn. Dan joined us via my laptop and amp which was set up on the patio table.

It was fantastic to be reunited, to go through our established routines, and to get together for the first time in a while. The inevitable catch up after the session kept us chatting into the evening.

Thank you to Dan for all his efforts to keep our choir connected and motivated over the recent months.

Jo Underwood
(Southampton Member)

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