There is still so much to look forward to… 😃

August 12th, 2019

It’s the first rainy day in weeks. Everyone is dressed for a summer afternoon and as the rain hammers down the audience dwindles. The front row of performers gets completely soaked yet we all have the biggest grins on our faces as we perform Stevie Wonder’s ‘Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing’. It certainly gives the words a new meaning!

This was the first day of our performances at The New Forest Show 2019, and probably my favourite (even if it was the wettest!) of the three days we were entertaining the crowds in the Family Entertainment Area; there’s something about laughing your way through a 4 part harmony, literally singing in the rain with your choir mates. The audience seemed to appreciate our efforts too, despite getting a little waterlogged themselves!

These are the kind of gigs that I love most with Love Soul. A different audience for every set, a fun atmosphere and great banter between the choir members. 

Of course up on stage we are as professional as ever, but these are the gigs when you there’s the opportunity to get to know members you don’t usually talk to, when it’s a little more relaxed and there is time to have a chat and a catch up. Or a visit to the nearby gin stand…

A highlight had to be when we serenaded one of our members, onstage, with a beautifully harmonised ‘Happy Birthday’ to celebrate and embarrass her in equal parts. It’s a tradition to sing in an amusing way every time we have a birthday, so we couldn’t let her miss out!

Between sets, we wandered happily around the show; sampling local food and drink, holding baby goats (a personal favourite moment), topping up our Love Soul purple accessories from the craft vendors and, of course, inviting people to watch our next set.

Singing with Love Soul Choir has been a journey for me over the last 18 months and I remember vividly seeing the choir perform at the New Forest Show in 2017, watching them and wishing I could be part of them. And there I was, two years later, performing with them, one of them, just as I had hoped. The experience has been rewarding and challenging and there is still so much to look forward to.

As we finished our final set on the Thursday I could look back and be proud. Nine sets over three days was quite intense and we had risen to the occasion beautifully. It was such a memorable few days, and I can’t wait to be back at the New Forest Show in 2021!

Rosalind Lawton
(Bournemouth Member)

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