It truly feels like a super special family! 💜

August 18th, 2019

I joined Love Soul in 2012, when my firstborn was nearly 2. I was a stay at home Mummy and desperate to be something other than that.  I was so excited for my audition and when I got the email to say it had been successful – it was a new kind of happy! 

Fast forward 7 years and I have now returned after baby number three (and gained two beautiful step-children too!) and can honestly say that Love Soul Choir is my happy place away from being ‘Mummy’.

It’s as needed as food and water in our house. It’s where I met the love of my life, where I met some of my best friends and where I go to float away once a week and remember who I am.

Being a Mummy is demanding. It takes everything you can give and more and can be draining at times. I think it’s so important for Mummy’s and Daddy’s to have something that is just theirs, somewhere where they are called by their actual name, somewhere, where people are interested to talk to them and hear about their day.  

Love Soul Choir is all of those things.

But the best bit is that the friends I have made there all love my children just as much and it truly feels like a super special family. 

I’m so grateful to have found Love Soul Choir. It has definitely help shape the amazing life I live these days and I am so excited to stay a part of the Love Soul family for many years to come!

Lucy Hayward-John
(Southampton Member)

If you’d like to apply for an audition with Love Soul Choir, please visit the audition page on our website. Once you’ve sent your application to us, we’ll be in touch within a couple of days to schedule the time and place of your audition.


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