It really is helping to keep all our spirits up during this time! 🎶

April 07th, 2020

This is my first time writing a blog but I wanted to share my experience of Love Soul Choir and the One Sound shows.

I was part of ‘One Sound: Space’ last year. I performed with SingForce (a collection of workplace choirs) and during the show preparation, the staff choir at Quilter (where I work) joined forces with the staff of Southampton City Council a couple of times. One of the staff at the council was part of Love Soul Choir. I had looked into joining Love Soul before but thought that I wouldn’t be good enough to join or be able to commit enough time. Despite this, Hannah from Southampton City Council told me that I should go for it. I did. It was the best decision.

After applying for an audition, I had to wait a while for a slot to become available. In the meantime, ‘One Sound: Space’ took place. It was absolutely wonderful and I remember watching Love Soul perform in the pre-show run through. I was in awe of the quality and the routine that was performed and how professional the choir seemed. I ended up standing next to Amber for the show finale and realised that I really wanted to be a part of this group.

Luckily, I was successful in my audition even though I was nervous, forgot my lyrics (to ‘I Am Not A Robot’ by Marina & the Diamonds), and was convinced I wouldn’t get in! The past 9 months of being a member have been great. The rehearsals are so much fun. Initially, sessions felt a little daunting as you are trying to learn the back catalogue but as Dan says; “take it steady, gradually learn the songs at home and take the pressure off…” eventually, after 3 months, I could perform with Love Soul.

Coming into 2020, we prepared for ‘One Sound: Magic’ at Mayflower Theatre and this was so exciting! I don’t think I slept properly in the week before, excited for myself and for my little girl Holly who joined Sound Pop Academy. It was such an awesome day. The rehearsal was great – seeing the men perform their surprise song which in turn made lots of us cry! Seeing all the other choirs too and how great they all sounded and sharing a stage with 600 people was amazing too. I can definitely recommend this experience to anyone. The buzz you feel and how proud you are too!

My father in law and our family from Birmingham came to see One Sound this year and had a great time over the weekend with us. I will always be grateful for that weekend as he passed away from coronavirus last weekend, so it is good to have a wonderful memory of him.

Since the coronavirus hit, we have all been in isolation and Dan has come up trumps again. We are having online rehearsals each week which are great fun and so much like our real rehearsals. I really don’t know how Dan does it but all his comments are just the same as a normal session. I’m not sure he can’t see us really! I look forward to each Monday and learning our songs together. It really is helping to keep all our spirits up during this time.

If you are thinking of auditioning and want to have some fun singing each Monday, meeting some lovely new friends and being encourage to perform to your best, please apply for an audition. You really won’t regret it.

Stay safe xxx

Fern Noble
(Southampton Member)

If you’d like to apply for an audition with Love Soul Choir, please visit the audition page on our website. Once you’ve sent your application to us, we’ll be in touch within a couple of days to schedule the time and place of your audition.


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