Southampton’s Winter Performance

January 03rd, 2015

We had our winter performance at The Point. As always it was really exciting to get there and warm up and run through some songs on stage before the audience turn up and clear up whatever loose ends their may be. These usually come in the form of me forgetting the lyrics to an entire song! This time was no exception, fortunately I remembered.

The buzz on stage just before the curtain raises up is amazing, you can hear the music pumping through the auditorium and audience moving around and talking with anticipation. The temperature always raises markably on stage when the theatre fills, and the nerves then set in.

The music kicks in to our opening track, and we prepare to wow the crowd, the curtain goes up and we see the silhouettes of the spectators for the first time, the nerves lift and a permanent smile attaches itself, this is what we all came for, it’s showtime and we love it!

At the end of the night after the final curtain goes down, the entire choir are sat on cloud 9, we don’t walk out, we float out on a high that nothing else can compare to. When’s the next show? Not soon enough!

Matt Bond – Southampton Member


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