The build up to our theatre performances.

January 20th, 2015

There is something so exciting about the build up to our theatre performances. I love the last few rehearsals where we are really focusing on the setlist and perfecting the harmonies and moves… whilst having a lot of fun! The attention to detail is fantastic, with Jack and Dan making notes to feedback to us, in order to deliver the best performance possible. We have the opportunity to go over things, ask questions and feel really ready to ‘nail it’ on the night.

As for the big night, we eagerly arrive at the theatre and complete a soundcheck which for me is when the excitement really starts to build. I stand there on stage anticipating how it will feel the moment the curtains draw back and you’re looking out on the audience. And then, its there, we’re called on stage and we go for it, every member gives it their all and it feels really powerful! I enjoy the fact we get involved in many varied and unique performances throughout the year, but performing in theatre with the magic of the stage and lighting is an incredible experience and one I’m very grateful for.


Hannah Griffiths (Southampton Member)


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