Our Upcoming Performances 🎙️

February 14th, 2024

At the beginning of the year, we always take a little bit of time to get back into the swing of sessions and to learn some brand new content. But now we’re getting ready to head out on the road for our first performances of 2024 and we can’t wait. 

Today, we wanted to share a quick performance round up so that the next time you find yourself wondering “when can I next watch Love Soul Choir doing their thing?”, you’ll know exactly how to find out.

Website Updates 💻

We’re really excited about the brand-new page on the Love Soul Choir website. It’s the new go-to space to find out the details of any of our upcoming performances. 

On our Performances page, you’ll find everything we’ve already got lined up for 2024. And we’re pretty certain we’ll be adding plenty more performances over the coming months too. 

You’ll also be able to use it to navigate straight to the right place to buy tickets for our bigger performances, like our ‘In The Sun’ event and our Winter Show. Exciting times!

Westquay Shopping Centre 🛍️

If you’ve already explored our new Performances page, then you might have noticed that our next performance is at Westquay Shopping Centre and is a only a couple of weeks away. 

We’ll be there singing between 12pm and 2pm on Saturday 2nd March and rumour has it that we’ll be debuting one of our brand new 2024 songs. We can’t wait!

Green Event 🌳

In other news, we have our first Green Event of the year taking place this week – a Live Q&A session with Choir Leader, Dan, and our resident environmental expert, Rachel. Rachel was a member of Love Soul Choir for many years and has a wealth of knowledge about all things green so we’re really looking forward to this exclusive event for our members. 

If you’d like to book an audition with Love Soul Choir, please visit the audition page on our website.


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