🚀 One Sound: Space! 💫

January 21st, 2019

The biggest One Sound show yet… 🤩
Event: One Sound: Space
Date: Saturday, May 4th 2019
Location: O2 Guildhall Southampton
Ticket: Get yours here

One Sound was first established back in 2015 when our choir leader, Dan Cooper, joined forces with friend Jack White, fellow choir leader, to establish a platform for their groups to showcase the hard work they put in all year round.

Following the success of the debut One Sound show in 2016, the natural step was to establish the event as an annual staple in our calendars. Our first two shows were held at Turner Sims Concert Hall, Southampton and we sold every seat in the house! The first year we had around 150 performers on stage and by 2017 we had reached over 300 singers. Towards the end of each show, we bought all of the choirs together and collaborated on 2 finale songs, a truly special moment for all of our performers and members of the audience.

As tickets are in demand and our choirs keep growing, we’ve secured a bigger venue for our next show in May 2019 – O2 Guildhall Southampton. To give the show a fresh vibe each time, we’ve decided to ‘theme‘ each year differently. May 2019 will see us introduce: One Sound: Space…

A themed show enables us to explore new material for our groups and also tie the show together as the theme will flow throughout the different choir’s set lists.

Over time our fascination with space has led to the creation of some of the most iconic pop songs ever! With an incredibly vast and inspiring landscape, it’s no surprise that songwriters often create hits that take us on a journey of wonderment through dreamy space themed melodies.

Come and join us on a voyage through a galaxy of favourite music from deep space and beyond. The show promises to be out of this world!


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