Last Monday was so special for me! 😍

May 27th, 2021

Last Monday was so special for me. Not only was it the first time that Love Soul Choir were able to rehearse together in almost 16 months but it was my first time back with the choir since 2019. I’d been with Love Soul for 10 years when I had to take a break for health reasons and returned last July in the middle of lockdown, after over a year away.

At Monday’s in-person sessions I was so surprised how much I’d learnt (and remembered!) when it came to singing and dancing in front of real people again. The weekly virtual sessions have been truly amazing; Love Soul has always been a great support to my mental health and always challenged me to learn something new. The online version was no different.

Although I was anxious at first, rehearsing with the choir again was incredible. So many things that I’ve missed; people’s faces and voices, moving and singing together (albeit quietly!), having Dan showing us the dance moves in person, the collective happiness. And you couldn’t wipe the smile from my face when we all did the ‘Car Wash’ dance!

Thanks for all the hard work in making in-person sessions a safe and seamless process. As the world opens up again, I can’t wait to see more choir members, get louder with our singing and one day perform for an audience again.

Louise Lea
(Southampton Member)

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