What to expect in your Love Soul Choir audition…

April 18th, 2018

We hear so many people say that they’re super scared to audition for us. We try our very best to make it the nicest and friendliest audition you’d ever attend.

Once you arrive at the audition venue, you’ll be greeted by Dan. He’ll then take you to the appropriate room. It will only be you and Dan in the audition room. He’ll then ask you to sing a small section of the song you have prepared, totally a capella. This is most probably the scariest part of the audition but be confident and you’ll be fine.

After that, you’ll be asked to watch and then copy a simple dance move video. This helps us check rhythm and ensure that each singer is able to step and move in time.

You’ll then be asked to take a seat and have an informal chat with Dan. Here you might be asked questions like; ‘Why did you choose Love Soul Choir?’ or ‘How much singing experience have you got?’. It’s a friendly chat and just a way for Dan to get to know you.

We email audition outcomes a couple of days after the audition so you don’t need to worry about hearing the verdict then and there. If you’re tempted but a little scared, do it! It’s the nicest audition you’ll ever attend.


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