During this time I have considered choir to be a bit of an anchor… ⚓

August 27th, 2020

We are living in unprecedented times. Most of us have never experienced anything like this pandemic before. Every day brings something new and unexpected, and for, perhaps, the first time in our lives we are unable to make future plans or know what the coming weeks and months will bring. However, good has come from this: we have learned to adjust our way of living, we have slowed down and we have started to re-evaluate what is important to us in life. 

When I was furloughed from my retail job in March we thought it may only be for a few weeks. Now, six months later as I’m gradually returning to work, I look back on this period and appreciate having the time to focus on the things that make my life really worthwhile. Love Soul Choir is one of those things.

Often during lockdown the days could blur into one and I soon realised the only activity I could still actually do was the weekly online Love Soul Choir sessions. These sessions became a high point in my week. They were different, it’s true, from our usual in-person sessions and it took some time to adjust, but every Monday evening I would look forward to logging on and joining our choir leader Dan for an hour of singing and interacting with the other members. During lockdown sessions we have been diligently learning new songs and continuing to expand our repertoire as a choir; one of the highlights for me has been recording our ‘Lockdown Collection’ of the new songs we have learned. To do this we each recorded our individual parts and then Dan mixed them into one incredible track. It is so thrilling listening to these recordings and knowing that although we are apart we can still create such an awesome sound together. 

In July we would have had our annual Solo Performance Night. A live performance where members of the choir can perform as soloists, duos or in small groups. Rather than just cancel completely, Dan decided to present a virtual event, giving us all the opportunity to still perform. We each recorded our video performances at home and Dan presented them in an interactive live event. It was so inspiring witnessing the support and love we all had for each other as we watched these performances and seeing the fantastic talent the choir has. I had been planning a group performance for this event for months and rather than be dissuaded by the impossibility of performing as a live group together, we decided to create a six person piece remotely by each doing own individual performance to be put into a combined video -harmonies and all. We even coordinated and created some costume for our performance, and it was a great success as well as a completely new challenge!

During this time I have considered choir to be a bit of an anchor. To have something I can attend every single week gave me a sense of normality and helped keep me in a routine when so much was uncertain. Although I am obviously excited to eventually return to our in-person sessions, I continue to value our weekly meetings and I’m so grateful that we have had this throughout the last six months to give community support and enjoyment every Monday evening. I have to confess: I may struggle to adjust not having my weekly G&T whilst singing when we are back to normal sessions! But until we can meet in person, I will continue to raise a glass to Love Soul Choir every Monday evening, whilst I boogie around my living room and sing like no one can hear me. 

Rosalind Lawton
(Bournemouth Member)

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