We all stand together! 👌🏻

December 30th, 2020

December 5th 2020 was the first time, in which felt like a very long time, that Love Soul Choir finally came together to create a ‘Winter Show’ performance.

We would usually be in high numbers, packed and organised on a stage, performing to an audience but this year was a different story.

To ensure everyone felt safe, Sir Harold Hillier Gardens provided an outdoor environment where Dan and his team could film and record the performance.  By following covid safety measures we were able to finally all stand together… albeit two metres apart!

It was incredible to see the commitment from everyone involved. Giving their all on one of the coldest evenings… 🥶

The video was so eagerly anticipated and it was inspiring to watch. The beautiful scenery and lighting effects made it all the more impressionable. Everyone should be so proud of what they have achieved this year and I am certainly proud to have been part of this.

Dan (our choir leader) has worked endlessly to keep the choir alive during this difficult year and I hope next year, for the choir and many of its talented members, there will be more positive opportunities and at some point a chance for everyone to be reunited as one whole Love Soul Choir family once again! 💜

Laura Bevan
(Southampton Member)

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