The choir that brought us together! 👰

September 20th, 2021

On the 19th September 2017, I walked into my first ever Love Soul Choir session. I had been so excited to get back to singing and meet some new people but, little did I know how much Love Soul Choir would change my life. In that first session I locked eyes with Tom and I actually had to spend the rest of the session trying not to look at him!

Tom and I started dating in the following January and got married in July 2020.

18th September 2021, almost 4 years since the day we met (and after a few changes of plans due to a pesky pandemic) we were finally able to celebrate our wedding with our friends and family. Of course, this had to include our Love Soul family! After 18 months of not being able to perform, Love Soul Choir donned their black and purple outfits once more and took to the stage to get the party started. Tom and I couldn’t resist joining in for the first song, all dressed up in our wedding attire.

What an incredible feeling. To be able to sing as husband and wife, with the choir that brought us together.

All our friends and family loved the performance and you would never have known that we hadn’t performed in 18 months! Love isn’t always on time… but it is enduring, strong and resilient… and so it seems is Love Soul Choir.

Thank you to all our fellow singers who performed at our wedding celebration. You helped make it so special!

Faye Hancock
(Bournemouth Member)

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