It was special to watch! 💜🧡

February 29th, 2020

Love Soul Choir came to Sing Now Choir’s Tuesday night rehearsal this week in Bournemouth and it was brilliant! 

What a privilege for Sing Now to be ‘related’ to such a professional choir – and how special that Love Soul can be inspired by the Sing Now family. 

All the choir members arrive and mingle before the warm-up. There’s a definite buzz as Sing Now director Jack White separates the room into two circles according to the singers’ birthdays, and everyone is introducing themselves to one another for the first time. The lip-bubble is the first warm-up. “It should feel vibratious on the lips!” says Love Soul Choir director, Dan Cooper. 

I don’t think that’s a word Dan. 😆

Love Soul find seats and create an audience as Sing Now get into lines because they are going to perform their whole One Sound set to Love Soul. You might expect that they would feel nervous – performing to a semi professional choir – but, if they were, it didn’t show. 

After each song, singers from Love Soul were given the opportunity to give feedback to Sing Now. They encouraged Sing Now to “smile, be free and enjoy themselves,” they commented on the “clarity of the vocals” in the ‘magic’ song, they said the music made them feel “happy” and they gave the highest praise to the final song of the set, a song by Queen.

The choirs swapped after that; Sing Now created an audience and Love Soul prepared to perform their set. The second the music started, the room was filled with energy and harmonies. The ‘magic’ song, sounded absolutely massive, and singers from Sing Now were inspired by how committed Love Soul were to their movement and choreography, their confidence and their drama. 

After the ‘cake break,’ Sing Now and Love Soul came together to practice the big group songs together. It sounded so amazing! For me it was special to watch, having been a member of both Love Soul Choir and Sing Now Choir in the past. But, let’s not talk about the group songs too much ahead of the show! 🤫 

We all had a brilliant time last Tuesday, when Love Soul Choir came to the Sing Now Choir rehearsal. I felt rich to be amongst such a diverse and supportive community of singers, singing such a vast compilation of songs from Britney and Stevie Wonder to Pilot and Hamilton! We can’t wait until next weekend, to get on that Mayflower stage, raise money for CALM and sing our hearts out! 

Claire Murphy
(One Sound Show – Team Member)

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