Singing Beyond The Sea

May 04th, 2012

Love Soul Choir team member Dan Cooper led a team of ambitious travel agents to musical success last week at the A.C.E Cruise Convention in Southampton.

Princess Cruises approached Love Soul last year as they were arranging a 2 day choir workshop to be held at Carnival UK, for travel agents across the country. They were aiming to create their very own Pop Choir to perform at a cruise convention with Liz McClarnon from 90’s girl group ‘Atomic Kitten.’

Rather aptly, they requested that Love Soul taught holiday themed songs, to really get people into the cruising spirit!

Last minute, they had a few people drop out, so Dan asked for help from Southampton Love Soul Choir members. Luckily, they quite like Dan, so they said yes!
After tuition and guidance from Dan, you won’t be surprised to know that the performance was a great success. They ended the evening with a performance of ‘The Tide Is High’ with Liz and have received lots of great feedback.


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