One Sound 2023 Announced! 😲

June 11th, 2022

We had a fantastic day on Saturday (11th June)! We got together with Sound Pop Academy & Sing Now Choir at MAST Mayflower Studios for a mini One Sound afternoon. It was the first time we were all back together since the COVID pandemic.

What is One Sound?

One Sound is a show produced by our choir leader, Dan Cooper, and his best friend, Jack White of Sing Now Choir. The show started back in 2016 and soon became an annual staple in the Love Soul Choir calendar! Jack & Dan spend their lives working individually across the music industry, but rarely get the opportunity to bring their groups together. This show enables them to do just that!

What’s the performance history of One Sound?

  • 2016: Turner Sims Concert Hall – Love Soul Choir, SingForce & Sing Now Choir
  • 2017: Turner Sims Concert Hall – Love Soul Choir, SingForce & Sing Now Choir
  • 2018: One Sound: America – Central Hall – Love Soul Choir, SingForce, Sing Now Choir & Total Voice Contemporary Choir
  • 2019: One Sound: Space – O2 Guildhall Southampton – Love Soul Choir, SingForce, Sing Now Choir & Total Voice Contemporary Choir
  • 2020: One Sound: Magic – Mayflower Theatre – Love Soul Choir, SingForce, Sing Now Choir & Sound Pop Academy


Why the time out after the 2020 show?

Before the COVID pandemic hit, we were actually planning on taking a year off. Then, COVID struck and in a weird stroke of fate, we were all locked down anyway!

What was One Sound: Let’s Get Together in June 2022?

Things in the entertainment sector were looking incredibly wobbly whilst re-emerging from the pandemic. Due to the uncertainty around shows, leisure activities and social mixing, we decided to organise a mini One Sound day instead of a full on show for 2022. It was often said that the actual rehearsal day, in the buildup to the show, was the best part of the whole One Sound experience for the participants. “One Sound: Let’s Get Together” was an opportunity for members to enjoy the buzz of being in a theatre and singing together, in a relaxed environment, after 2 years of uncertainty and trying times!

So, what’s been announced for 2023!?

We shared this news with members who attended One Sound: Let’s Get Together on Saturday and now we can share it with you! 

We’re soooo incredibly lucky to be returning to the prestigious Mayflower Theatre for One Sound 2023! The show will take place on Sunday 28th May 2023 at 19:30. This event is open to members of the public and tickets go on sale on Monday 15th August 2022. We also have an exciting pre-sale offer exclusively for our member’s friends and family too. You can get discounted tickets from Monday 1st August 2022 – look out for an email with the promo code + link!

Want to perform with us at Mayflower Theatre? Apply to become part of Love Soul Choir.


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