Why did you choose to join Love Soul Choir?

I just got a good feeling when watching videos and reading testimonials from choir members. Not only did they look and sound epic, I wanted to be a part of this big, joyful family!

What’s your favourite moment been, so far?

I loved performing at Dogstival as it combined my two favourite things – singing and dogs. Plus, my dog could come and see me perform. She’s my biggest fan.

What’s the best part of Love Soul, for you?

Just being around such lovely (and very talented) people who are there for the same reasons as you – to sing their hearts out. I also love the performances, it’s an opportunity to really bond with everyone and to make some amazing memories.

Tell us about the songs & arrangements…

Every time Dan plays us a new song, I get goosebumps. The arrangements always blow my mind, they are so beautifully done! I love the variety of songs we do too – they are all so different, it’s great to cover lots of different genres.

What would you say to somebody who might be scared of auditioning?

Just to go for it! You will never meet a more supportive and accepting bunch of people.

Give us a summary of your ‘life’ at Love Soul Choir…

It’s been a dream! Love Soul is the ultimate escapism and it’s impossible not to come away buzzing!