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Wow. What a treat. There I sat, in my little ‘nook’ by the stage-door, taking it all in. America opened the show, sang by all of the choirs in the collaboration. As the song vibrantly ended, the audience eagerly applauded and the choirs filed-out, leaving…

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We hear so many people say that they're super scared to audition for us. We try our very best to make it the nicest and friendliest audition you'd ever attend. Once you arrive at the audition venue, you'll be greeted by Dan. He'll then take…

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We're so excited about our next performance! Each year, we're part of 'One Sound', a big choir collaboration show. We perform alongside community choir 'Sing Now Choir' and workplace choir provider 'SingForce'. This year the show organisers are also welcoming 'Total Voice Contemporary Choir', a…

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