An Afternoon of Stories & Song

September 24th, 2018

What a beautiful afternoon of real, inspiring stories narrated by the protagonists themselves intertwined with gorgeous songs performed by the wonderful choir that is Love Soul.

I’ve been volunteering for Touch, a local charity that brings people together to share their real life stories and inspire, motivate, touch one another, for four months (and absolutely love it) and I’ve known and admired Love Soul, a local professional choir and Dan, their choir leader and all round amazing human for years, so when I found out from Hannah, the lovely Events Organiser that the next monthly event would be a cooperation between the two I was over the moon!

Love Soul opened the afternoon followed by Vie’s incredible story on how from a bullied, shy teenager became a burlesque teacher and a motivational speaker. After Vie, Love Soul entertained us with a few more songs before the break, and then Andy, the next speaker went up sharing what he learned and what helped him overcome all the difficulties life thrown at him, despite his young age and ended his talk with a beautiful poem he wrote, Remedy.

After the break, Love Soul charmed the crowd once again with their beautiful vocals and then Abby, our final speaker was up who very eloquently took us on a trip through her life, her bi-polar diagnosis 10 years after the first symptom and how her mental health experience led her to become a motivational speaker and a mental health advocate for younger generations.

Love Soul Choir closed the event on a happy note with ‘I’m So Excited’. A truly wonderful event. And I can’t wait for the next one!

Eleni Zenonos

(Friend of Love Soul Choir)

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